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Assuming you are in the other room or outside which is far away from your Amazon Echo, and your Amazon Echo can’t hear you, or if you just want to control it when you’re far away from home, you can easily do that with a handy third-party app.

The Echo’s wide voice recognition technology is one of the device’s most praised and wonderful features, and this makes it to hear your voice from well across the room, even when playing music. But its biggest obstruction is walls, and if you wish to control the Echo from the next room, it may not get what you are saying or won’t hear you at all. Additionally, if you’re away from home and you want to give a voice command to the Echo, you apparently can’t because of the distance.

However, that can be overcome with an app called Roger; with this app it's easy to control your Amazon Echo with voice commands using your phone, in point of fact it also helps to get rid of the need for Voice Remote which cost $30. So, here’s how to set it up for use with your Echo.

Roger is available on both iOS and Android, and it’s free to use. You download it from their respective store for Android and iOS

After downloading and installing the app, then launch the app and then tap to listen or raise your phone to your ear to listen to the voice message like a phone call.

Then after that, a “Get Started” button will show on the screen. Then tap on it.

Then enter your name and then tap on “That’s Me” button.

Now tap on the round “+” button.

Then select “Alexa by Amazon”.

Then tap on “Connect” on the next screen.

Now sign in to your Amazon account by entering in your email address and password. Tap on “Sign into Amazon” to sign in.

The tap on “I agree” at the bottom.

So you’ll be directed back to the “Conversation” screen, then tap on the downward arrow at the top-left corner.

By doing this, Roger has been set up and the only thing here is to know how to use it with your Amazon Echo. 

Just simply tap on the microphone button and say any voice command and then tap the microphone button again when you’re done. Then the command will be sent to your Echo immediately and it will work like normal as it should. And you don’t have to say “Alexa” before it can work.

Obviously, even with some few drawbacks, Roger is still the best alternative, if you want to control your Echo while you’re away from home.

(image credit to HowToGeek)

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