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The Windows Insider Preview helps to bring latest pre-release version or build of Windows 10 to insiders or developers for them to install. The main purpose of this is to review and test the new features and functions added to the pre-release version or build of Windows 10. 

This is also use to make some changes, lets people give their feedback about it and add some ideas before it is being release to the public or for commercial use.

Well actually, the Insider preview build of Windows always comes with new and advanced features which you might want to have before it is being release to the public or for general use.

However, this is just a simple guide on how to become a Windows insider and install latest insider preview build of windows.

Now navigate to Settings. You can get there by going to StartMenu and then click on Settings icon. 

Then click on "Update & Security".

Now click on "Advanced Options"

To be part of the insider preview program you must sign into your PC with a Microsoft account be it MSN, Outlook.com, Live.com and so on, not a local user account. This means that Microsoft account must also be part of the Windows Insider program.

First of all, make sure you sign into your PC with a Microsoft account. If you’re not, you can visit the Setting app, select Accounts, and then sign in with you Microsoft accounts. Click here for more details.

Then visit this Windows Insider Preview official website and sign in with your Microsoft account.  

Then after signing in your Microsoft account you can now continue to the "Advanced Options" page which you will have to navigate through Settings -> Update & Security -> Advanced Options.

So on "Advanced options" page click on "Get started" button.

This displays a warning message about what you are about to do and you will have to agree to this warning message before this is enabled. This also gives that you may have to reinstall your Windows 10 if you want to stop getting preview builds and revert to the stable Windows 10 system in the future. Now click on "Next" button.

Then click on "Confirm" button in order to confirm that you may have to reinstall your Windows from scratch if you ever want to stop receiving insider preview update. This will restart your system after clicking confirm.

That's all you have joined the Windows Insider and you can now receive Insider Preview build of Windows.

Choose the Fast or Slow Update Ring

With the insider preview added, you can once again navigate to the same "Advanced Options" page through Settings -> Update & Security -> Advanced Options, and use the options here to control which builds you receive. 

Then under “Get Insider builds,” you can choose either the “Slow” or “Fast” ring. The fast ring receives builds more frequently and more quickly while the "Slow" ring does not. Builds are only released to the slow ring after they have proven to be moderately stable on the fast ring.

How to install the Insider Hub

The Windows Insider Hub app isn’t automatically installed by default if you join the insider program, but you’ll probably want it for some reasons. So to install it, launch the Settings app, select System, select Apps & features, and select “Manage optional features.” Scroll down, locate the “Insider Hub” in the list, select it, and click on the Install button. Click here for more information

After you do that, the Insider Hub app will appear in your Apps list. The hub comprises of various “quests” which direct you to test things in Windows 10. It can also make some announcements about changes and issues you may encounter with new insider builds, alerts for you, and information about your insider profile.

How to stop receiving Insiders Preview Build

If you want to stop receiving insider preview builds, you can simply visit the “Advanced options” page in the Windows Update settings again and click “Stop Insider builds.” Then a pop up window will appear which you will be thanked for participating and your computer will reboot. 

A warning message appeared when you want to enable the insider preview builds which warns you that you may have to reinstall Windows 10 from scratch if you do this. So your windows will be reinstalled.

Give Microsoft Feedback 

If you came across any problems, Windows will automatically report a variety of information back to Microsoft. But you can also send your own feedback using the Windows Feedback application. This same application is available on all versions of Windows 10 and allows users to report problems, request features, and vote on other issues.

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