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PlayStation 4’s latest system update which is firmware 3.5 included a lot of new features, ability to appear offline and as well as the ability to stream your PS4 games remotely from a PC or Mac using remote play app. 

Two of the most-requested features of PS4 users actually made it into this update. And we’ve explained how to stream remotely from a PC or Mac using remote play app.  In this article, we are going to explain how you can appear offline and get notified when friends come online.

The ability to appear offline is an amazing feature because it lets you play your games in peace, particularly if you have lots of friends who want to play games like The Division or Destiny whenever you’re online.

When you appear offline, your friends won’t see you as active in their friends list, but clearly players in your current games will know you’re online.

Note: This feature is only available on PS4 firmware 3.5. So make sure you are running on the mentioned firmware on your PS4

Follow the below steps to appear offline

1. Now on your PS4 main menu, simply head to your Profile page.

2. Then click on the Online Status box. Then a drop-down menu option will appear.

3. The select the “Appear Offline” to appear offline to your friends without actually being offline.

Then you will notice a red cancel notification beside your Profile picture to notify you are offline. Then to appear Online again simply follow the step 1 and 2 steps, then select the “Online” to appear online again. 

Checkout the below video

So another great feature added in this update is the ability to be notified when certain friends come online even though you are offline. The PS4 has some annoying notifications enabled by factory settings, but your best friends coming online is most likely something you actually want to be notified about.

But to do this you’ll need to do this on a per-friend basis, which can be annoying if you have lots of friends. On the other hand, only being notified of people you actually concern about coming online as opposed to everyone is probably better for your reason.

So to do this, simply navigate to their profile in your friends list, press the Options button, and change Notify When Online to On.

Note: This won’t work if your friend has chosen to appear offline per the above method. And this should help a lot if you repeatedly have difficulty syncing up schedules with your friends.

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