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Do you have an older TV and an NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV? Have you by chance noticed that some content gets cut off around the edges of your TV? This is called Overscan, and it can be extremely frustrating in numerous situations, including one of SHIELD’s primary features like gaming. 

Overscan is a residue of old-school CRT (cathode ray tube) TVs that crops off the outer portion of the image, to guarantee that you don’t see any black bars on old TVs. 

Several modern TVs have built-in options to adjust overscan or disable it entirely. However, in case your set-top box has it enabled by default, you will have to disable it. Luckily, NVIDIA integrated an overscan adjustment setting in its SHIELD Android TV box. 

So in this article, we have outlined a guide on how to disable it. 

Carefully follow the below guide:

The first thing to do is to navigate into SHIELD’s settings by going to the bottom side of the home screen and clicking on the gear icon or settings icon.

In the Settings screen, navigate over to the “HDMI” and select it.

The fourth option displayed in this menu is “Adjust for overscan,” which is exactly what we are searching for, and then click on it.

Then a basic arrow movement will be displayed which will be used to place the screen until you can see everything. Now go ahead and move the arrows with the remote, then follow the on-screen instructions displayed in order to get all four arrows in the correct place. 

If everything now looks good, you can leave this menu, then the new settings will be save and applied immediately.

That’s all. Overscan can be very provoking, particularly if your TV doesn’t come with a built-in setting to adjust it. 

Note: This feature is not included in some stock Android TVs.

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