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Google and Motorola  both provide always-on display feature for their android phones. It looks like an Ambient Display. That is something that until now, was only available for Galaxy S7, S7 Edge or LG G5 owners. 

However, a simple app on Google Play Store has make this possible for those who doesn't have this feature. So you can now add the Always on display feature on any Android device with the used of the well-designed and the highly customizable app found on Google Play Store called Glance Plus.

Cover art

Normally this app was created based on bringing the Windows phone feature to Android. But, it has been updated with more new features and different designs that imitate the popular new LG G and Galaxy S7. It has similar features with the Android devices mentioned.

All you need is just to make sure your android device has a proximity sensor which almost every Android phone have. However, this is just a simple guide on how to add always on display feature on any android device.

Just follow the below steps

1. First of all download Glance Plus from the Google Play Store. Click the button below

2. Install and run the downloaded app

3. Now turn the feature ON

4. Then from there you can customize all the options, controls, brightness and more. 

   Glance Plus- screenshot

Then you can test it by turning off the screen and wait for the Always-On Display.

Whenever your phone is removed from you pocket, the proximity sensor available on Android phones notices and the Always-On display turns on. You can also wave your hand over the device while it’s sitting on a table, for the same effect using the sensor.

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