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Google chrome is one of the most advanced and used software browser. Google chrome has the ability to install HTML5 based application and use them like a normal application on a computer. There are so many apps, tools and games available on Google chrome web store which you might find useful. 

In this article, we have picked the best Google chrome tools which might come in handy for you.

1. Mic Note - Voice Recorder + Notepad

Mic Note is an audio recorder + notepad which is used to record voice while taking note, for meetings, lectures and so on. It is a 2 in 1 tool which is built on the basis of HTML5 and can also be used for offline use. Below are the features of Mic Note:

✔ Auto save timestamps while you are typing for fast playback at specified position.
✔ Edit recording: deletion, trimming, extracting, inserting, etc.
✔ Sync notes with Google Drive or Dropbox between devices.
✔ Auto-export notes/MP3s to clouds.
✔ Long-term recording up to hours.
✔ Insert PDF/PPT, images.
✔ Sync notes between devices.
✔ Share notes in micnote, MP3, PDF, HTML formats.

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2. Nimbus Screenshot App

Nimbus screenshot app is a simple tool for capturing and annotating screenshots and local pictures. This means you can use it to take screenshots of any window. You can also annotate any image from your computer.

You will then be able to save the annotated screenshot to your computer, send it to Nimbus Note or Google Drive.

Functions of features:

✔ Make a screenshot of any active window.
✔ Annotate screenshots with convenient tools (arrow, line, stickers, pencil, blur etc).
 Annotate images form your computer (mini-Photoshop in your Chrome)
 Highlight text on your screenshots.
 You can choose font of text on your screenshots.
 Save screenshots to Nimbus Note and Google Drive.
✔ Save screenshots and images to your computer.

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3. WifiTransfer - Instant wireless file transfer

You can wirelessly transfer files between your computer and mobile phone over local network with a single tap. WifiTransfer enables fast wireless file transfer between iPhones or with computers with a simple scan. 

Up to 10MB/s wireless transfer with only one single scan 
WifiTransfer enables simple and ultra fast file transfer between iPhones over Wi-Fi networks. Without any additional setup, just a QRCode scan will do. 

✔ Manage iPhone files from desktop (locally or remotely) 
✔ Import files from various sources 
✔ Multiple File types support (.jpeg, .pdf, .doc, .ppt, .rtf, .html and so on).

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4. Virus Detected

Virus detected is a free application that instantly scan web pages and files downloaded from the Internet, and block virus, malwares, block website attempts to monitor user activity and display advertisements. It is updated regularly to ensure it is ahead of the latest threats to computer security. Not only does it find the problems attacking your system, it removes them quickly and efficiently so there is as little hassle to you as possible and adblock plus.

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5. Image Tool

Imagetool helps you easily read and understand design specs. It is a front-end developer helper for specs reading. This app allows you to select images and interpret them by using the super-useful tools below:

Color picker - click on a color to know it's value and add it to your list. You can switch between RGB and HEX and copy the result to clipboard.

Dimensions - just slide over your image to see dimensions of each element real-time.

Measure - select an area and this tool will tell you it's value in pixels.

Zoom - zoom in and out for more precision.

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