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Marketing Intermediaries
Marketing intermediaries or middlemen are independent individuals or businesses that help manufacturers and final consumers or end users in the performance of efficient distribution. They are marketing institutions that do the buying, selling and negotiations involved in the transfer of products flow and services from producers or ultimate owners through them to the ultimate consumers. 

Type of Intermediaries

A wholesaler is an organization or individual that serves as intermediary between producer and retailers facilitating transfer of products and the titles to them. They buy goods in bulk or large quantities from producers and sell them to retailers, dealers or large users.

Retailers are individuals or institutions that buy goods from manufacturers, producers of wholesalers and sell them to the final consumers or users.

Function of Marketing Intermediaries:

(1) Selling Function
(2) Buying Function
(3) Market Function
(4) Bulk breaking Function
(5) Storage Function
(6) Sorting Function
(7) Assortment Function
(8) Promotion and Merchandizing Function
(9) Transport Function

(10) Finance and Credit Function. 

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