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Distribution is the marketing function concerned with the activities that ensures that a company’s products reach the consumers per time as at when needed. 

Distribution Management
Distribution management is mainly concerned with activities such as:

1. Selection of distribution channels, and intermediaries,
2. Location of distribution outlets, 
3. Channel management, 
4. Merchandising, 
5. Physical distribution, and
6. Sales management. 

Making sure products reach the right customers per time and as at when needed is key. Distribution is not complete if Per TIME and When NEEDED is not taken seriously.

Channels for Distribution
1.    Zero Level Channel: This is the simplest shortest channel of distribution. It does not involve the use of any intermediaries or middlemen, such as small producers selling from house to house. 

2.    One Level Channel: This is from producer to retailer to final consumer, by passing wholesalers.

3.    Two Level Channel: This is the most used type of channel. The movement goes from producer to wholesaler to retailer and finally to the final consumer.

4.    Three Level Channel: This channel contains three intermediaries. It moves from the producer to broker to wholesaler to retailer and finally to the consumer. 

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