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Marketing Environment

The business organization cannot operate in isolation. They must operate within a given a set of forces. The "term marketing environment" could ho defined as a set of diverse, dynamic and controllable forces that impinge on an organization’s marketing operation and opportunities.
A company’s marketing environment consists of external factors and forces that affect the company' ability to develop and maintain successful transaction and relationships with its target costumers. The marketing environments are the macro and micro uncontrollable elements that make difficult the attainment of a firm set marketing objectives.

The success or failure of any marketing organization depends largely on its ability to respond to the external uncontrollable forces. Since it is impossible to tell a liver to stop flowing, the best approach is to learn how to sail in the direction of its flowing.

It must be appreciated that changes in the environment create new opportunities, and eliminates the old ones and the marketing environment is always changing These changes can be exciting and frustrating They can make or ruin a company. The marketing environment consists of two sub environment namely micro environment and the macro environment,

The Micro-Environment Of Marketing

Micro environment consists of the actors in the company's immediate environments that affect its ability to serve its market efficiently It it’s the informal environment of the company about which the marketing department operates it business Factors within this micro-environment are mostly controllable, the elements in this environment include

1. The Company itself

2. The suppliers and contractors

3. The marketing intermediaries

4. The customers

5. The competitors of the company

6. The shareholders

The Macro-Environment Of Marketing

The macro-environment of marketing consists of forces that are completely uncontrollable by the company. The constraints posed by those factors must be considered and carefully analyzed by the company if it must operate profitably towards growth and survival of the organization, i hose environmental factors are of reference within which the company decision must be made. The elements in this environment include

(1) Demographic forces

(2) Economic forces

(3) Technological forces

(4) Natural resources forces

(5) Political / legal forces

(6) Social - cultural forces

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