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We have the responsibility to be in control of everything we use, i.e to balance usage. Smart Phones, Facebook or other Social media doesn't kill our real life or social life engagements, it enhances it.

We humans are the ones to be disciplined such as to be able to balance our life engagements, for instance being in control of when it is appropriate to use Social Media or the Internet, and separating time to be with our families or friends in real life or for other offline or off-tech engagements.

Tech enhances our engagement. I.E. Internet Technology helps Businesses and Brands and Consumers connect, Job Seekers and Employers connect, Corporations broadcast their services in seconds, Families re-unite with the use of social media, old lost friends are found, Evangelism is enhanced, Ministries Connect with their members. Education is enhanced i.e Game Apps Enhances the brain, Researchers and Scholars learn faster with the use of Google Search and other search engines, the list is endless.

Tech is a blessing from God. Tech becomes distraction when we humans are not disciplined in terms of right usage and appropriation. And infact; Everything in life becomes a major distraction the moment we don't balance the use or don't use it right.

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