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WhatsApp just released its recent software update with new features. WhatsApp users can now stress their points a little bit more when messaging others in the app. WhatsApp adds the ability of text formatting features like bold, italics and strikethrough to its recent update. In this article, I explained how you can use the bold, italics and strikethrough text formatting features.

Bold Text Formatting

Make sure the word(s) you want to bold must be in between an asterisk symbol (*) i.e the user must add an asterisk (*) before aand after the word(s).


Where are you *going*?

This will produce : Where are you going?

Italics Text Formatting

In order to use the italics text format, the users must puts an underscore symbol (_) before and after the word(s).


_How_ Are you?

This will produce : How are you?

Strikethrough Text Formatting

In order to use strikethrough which crosses through the word or phrase, put a tilde i.e the squiggly dash that looks like this ~ before and after the word(s).


How was your ~day~?

This will produce : How was your day?

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