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Most of the apps we download have terms & conditions set by the developers that we must agree and abide to before using them. 

In this article, the apps make use of some services like our Camera, Contacts, Photos, and Location Services which may result to some effects as many apps run location based advertisements. This might reduce the overall functionality of your iPhone and iPad; i.e it can slow down the speed or consume your mobile data quickly. 

So it is suggested or recommended to turn off location-based iAds on your iPhone or iPad. In fact, many users complain about location services always ON on iPhone or iPad running on iOS 9. 

So below is a simple tutorial you can use to turn off location based iAds on iPhone or iPad. Follow the below example

1. Tap to open the Settings app on your iPhone/iPad

2. Now tap on Privacy.

3. Then tap on Location Services.

4. Scroll down and tap on System Services.

5. Lastly, toggle Location-Based iAds option OFF. 

The above steps will stop your iPhone and iPad from using your device location as Location Services were activated normally and this will also improve the battery performance of the iOS device you are using. Turning off unnecessary location services is another sure way to elongate battery life of the device.

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