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Have you ever wondered, why your Mac starts running slow after few months or years? If yes, there are several reasons behind it; one out of the reasons is that apps or  programs automatically run or start when you restart or turn ON your Mac. Most of these apps usually mention this option while installing them. But some don't bring out this option.

They usually slow down the startup process and most especially, they keep eating up processing power without any productive yield or result. However there’s a simple way you can use to restrict these apps from running at startup.

This is just a simple guide on how to stop apps/programs from running automatically at Startup on Mac OS. Follow the below steps

1. From the menu bar click in the Apple logo, then click on “System Preferences“.

2. Then click on the "Users & Groups" from the list of available preferences.

Then you will see the list of registered users for the Mac PC. 

3. Now select the user you wish to change its startup apps.

4. Then click on the "Login Items" tab at the right side of the screen on the same window after clicking the user.

Then a list of apps that opens at Mac startup will be displayed. Here you can either hide any/all apps or completely remove them from the list.

So to hide apps, simply click the checkbox given beside each app.  

Then in order to remove them completely, select the apps by clicking the checkbox and tick mark it. Then click on the (-) minus sign located at the bottom.

Then you can check the changes by restarting your Mac PC.

Then all those apps that you hide or remove completely, will no longer slow down your Mac at startup. Then you’ll notice a significant in speed when you restart your Mac next time.

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