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Mac OS X is one of the best operating system that does not need much repairing and cannot get spoilt easily. But if it eventually runs into complex issues, then you will need to start or boot your Mac into recovery mode, in order to solve these issues. Recovery Mode deals with some functions like disk permissions, reinstalling your OS X, and other technical stuff, which should not be carried out if it is not necessary. Booting to the recovery mode on Mac is very easy. This is a simple step by step tutorial on how to boot or get your Mac into Recovery mode. Follow the steps accordingly

1. Make sure your Mac is off and you can now put it ON or if your Mac is already ON, you can restart it.

2. Immediately press and hold Command+R as soon as you hear the startup chime. Note that you have to be real quick while doing this step.

3. Keep them pressed until you see the Apple logo shows up.

If you have followed the above steps perfectly, you’ll be in the recovery mode. Just in case a login window appeared, that means you have to repeat the above steps again because you weren't quick enough with the keys.

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