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Apple watch is one of the most used smart watch now and has a lot of features. The apple watch alarm app is totally different from the one on an iPhone device. If you set an alarm on your iPhone and your Apple Watch is on your wrist while sleeping, then the iPhone will deviate the alarm call to the Apple Watch, so that you won't have to worry about managing both your iPhone and apple watch while sleeping. In case you don’t have an iPhone, then you can also create an alarm on the Apple Watch itself.

The Apple Watch has a built-in Alarm app that makes it possible to set alarm. The alarm on Apple watch is very useful because you will be able to feel the sound on your wrist while sleeping. In this article, I explained how you can set alarm on your apple watch. Follow the steps below

1. Tap on the alarm app to launch it. The alarm app icon looks like the screenshot below

2. In the Alarm app, tap on the round “+” sign that says "Add Alarm" to add a new alarm.

3.Set and adjust the time you wish to set the alarm to and then tap on “Set”.

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