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Firstly, What is Night Shift? Night Shift is a feature that makes the device display to readjust to a warmer color spectrum, thereby reducing the displays output of blue light. All iOS device has this feature. Night shift makes the screen of an iPhone or iPad not only more pleasing to look at in the evening and dark hours, but it also is easier on the eyes and potentially offers some health benefits as well.

What Does Night Shift Look Like?

The animated gif image below shows what an iPhone display toggling between Night Shift and regular mode looks like, with the Night Shift version being significantly warmer with an orange / sepia brown tone to the whites and screen colors.

Night Shift requires the latest version of iOS to be installed on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, versions earlier than 9.3 do not have the option available.

It is very easy to use and quickly toggle of and on the feature any time you want. You can also set it on an automatic timer as well to turn itself on with sunset and sunrise. This article is just a simple instruction on how to quickly enable and disable night shift on iOS device using Control Center

The easiest and fastest way to turn on Night Shift, or to turn it off, is to access Control Center on any iOS device.

1. Swipe up from the bottom of the device screen to access the Control Center

2. Tap on the little sun or moon icon in the middle of Control Center to enable or disable Night Shift mode

Then you will notice the display color immediately shift to become warmer if Night Shift is turned on.

The above method applies to the method of disabling Night shift on iOS.

Assuming Night Shift mode was already enabled, disabling it will turn the display back to its default color profile.

You can adjust the warmth of Night Shift by going to Settings > Display & Brightness > Night Shift. Note that the stronger the warmth set the better the features impacts on blue light reduction are thought to be, though the display will obviously shift its color profile to be quite a bit different from the default option when it’s enabled.

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