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YouTube is a commercial video sharing website where users upload, view and share video clips. Users can also add ads to their videos. 

Recently, YouTube placed restriction on video downloads from the site, so much that many of the reliable download applications developed for downloading YouTube videos no longer work, only very few of them still work because Youtube developers have blocked many of the websites, softwares and even addons that download videos manipulatively from YouTube. 

This article gives one of the few available ways to download YouTube videos anyday, anytime.

Disclaimer: This is just for educational purpose for researchers, scholars and developers not for illegal or criminal act.


First thing to do is to download the "Youtube Video Downloader" Addon on your computer. Click the image below to download the rar file.

After downloading the rar file, extract the file using .rar extracter such as WinRar, 7Zip, WinZip and so on.

Then paste the extracted file on your desktop

Then launch your Google chrome.

Now click on the button located at the upper-right corner of the page and select settings.

Now click on extension tab at the left side

Then click on "Load unpacked extension".

Then a folder selector will open

Now click on Desktop.

Then scroll down and click on the ""Youtube Video Downloader" then click on OK

Then the "Youtube Video Downloader" addon has been installed.

Then you will be redirected to youtube video website to test it.

Whenever you open a youtube video, you will see a download button option beside the subscribe button. 

The default download format is 720p. You can click on the small direction button for format options. 

Then you can also click on "more" button for more format options.

Once you click the download button, the video will be downloaded.

You can also download as an audio format by clicking the download button located at the top of the video frame.

Note: This method only works on Google Chrome

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