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HTML Layout or Webpage Layout can be defined as the framework, structure or layout of a Webpage. There are many ways to design a webpage layout. But the easiest and most popular way of creating layouts is using HTML <table> tag. 

These HTML tables are arranged in columns and rows, so you can use these rows and columns in any manner you wish.


<!DOCTYPE html>



<title>Scholars HTML Layout using Tables Example</title>



<table width="100%" border="0">


<td colspan="2" bgcolor="#b5dcb3">

<h1>This is Web Page Main Layout title</h1>



<tr valign="top">

<td bgcolor="#aaa" width="50">

<b>Main Menu</b><br />

HTML<br />

PHP<br />



<td bgcolor="#eee" width="100" height="200">

Technical and Managerial Tutorials




<td colspan="2" bgcolor="#b5dcb3">


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