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Apple watchOS is one the most used OS for Smart Watches. 
watchOS has a lot of built-in functions and features. One of the best feature additions with watchOS is the ability to send default email responses or messages in the Mail app. 

You will be wondering how will you be able to type the message or response without keyboard because the Apple Watch is too small to have a keyboard. Dont worry, this will be done using your iPhone.

You can customize what you want to say from your iPhone, access it on Apple watch and send it with one tap and easily when the time comes. 

This article is a simple guide on how to create and send a default response or message in the Mail app on Apple Watch. 

Follow the below options

Note: Your iPhone must be paired with your Apple watch before you can do this.


How to create a default response to use in the Mail app on Apple Watch

1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone.

2. Scroll down and tap Mail.

3. Tap Default Replies.

4. Tap one of the default replies displayed.

5. Type in your new custom default reply.

That's all; so simple.

How to send a default response in the Mail app on Apple Watch

After setting your default replies ahead of time, it makes it easy to quickly respond to an email with just one tap. You can tap reply on a notification to respond immediately, or you can respond at any time using the Mail app.

After following the above method then you can proceed to this step

1. Tap on the Digital Crown on the Apple Watch to get to the Home screen.

2. Launch the Mail app.

3. Tap on the email you wish to respond to.

4. Scroll to the bottom and tap Reply 


Press firmly on the screen until the options menu appears and tap Reply.

5. The choose one of the default replies you've already create.

6. Then tap Send.

Then you can also keep editing your default  response on your iPhone, access on Apple watch and send it whenever you need them.

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