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Firstly, What is Activation Lock on iPhone? Application lock is used to protect and prevent your iPhone device from any kind of misuse when it is stolen or lost.

When Activation Lock is enabled, you will be assured that no one will be able to access or use your iPhone device when stolen or lost. And also, they won’t be able to erase or reset the iPhone device and use it as a new one. Activation Lock is an inbuilt security feature available on iOS devices.

This article is just a simple guide on how to check iPhone activation lock status i.e whether it is enabled or disabled.

1. Open web browser on your PC or Mac and visit this below link


2. Now enter either the IMEI number or the serial number of your iPhone or iPad. If you don't know your device IMEI/Serial number or you don't know how to check it on your device. You can navigate to Settings ? General ? About.

3. Then enter the IMEI/Serial number into the available textbox on the webpage.

4. Then enter the verification code. It’s a random set of numbers or alphabet, used to prove you are not a robot.

5. Now click on “Continue.”

If the Activation Lock is enabled, it will display a message “Activation Lock : On”. Application Lock has been enabled. 

This method also applies to iPad Devices. 

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