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There are several reasons for using the Android's bootloader, especially when recovery systems is necessary. You are sometimes stucked in the middle of your phone freezing every now and then and you need to do a factory reset or root your phone. 

Many options are available to boot into Android bootloader or recovery mode. This is a simple article to boot into recovery mode or Android bootloader. 

How to Access Android’s Bootloader Directly from the Device.

1. Power off your Android device.

2. The following instruction is based on different product or make of your Android device. These instructions should work 90% on all Android devices:

Nexus and Developer Devices: Press and hold the volume down and power buttons at the same time. When the Google splash screen appears, release them.

Techno Devices : Press and hold the volume down and power buttons at the same time. When the Tecno logo screen appears, release them.

Samsung Devices: Samsung device does not have a normal bootloader but this is called Download mode. Press and hold the volume down, power, and home buttons until the Samsung logo shows up, then release. Note it is essentially useless without a computer. You can press and hold home, power, and both volume buttons to exit download mode.

HTC Devices: The bootloader on HTC devices is known as “fastboot mode.” You can press and hold the volume down button, then power up the device while keeping the volume down key pressed. 

LG Devices: Press and hold the volume down and power buttons until the LG logo appears, then release them. If this doesn’t work, you may have to release the power and volume down buttons for a second when the LG logo appears, then re-press them until the bootloader shows up.

This method works on 90% of Android devices. You can google it up if none of this works on your device. With all the above methods, the bootloader may take a few seconds to show up after you release the keys. When it does, you can continue with whatever it is you need to do.

How to Access Android’s Recovery Environment Directly from the Device

Once you followed the above methods and you are in bootloader, you’re already close to accessing recovery mode on most devices.

1. Follow the above instructions to boot into bootloader, then use the volume up and down keys to navigate through the menus. 

2. Hit the power button to execute the selected command.

Follow the below instructions

Nexus, LG, and Tecno: Use the volume buttons till you see the “Recovery mode” option, then hit power.
HTC Devices: Select “HBOOT” first, which will open a new menu where you’ll select “recovery mode.”
Samsung Devices: With the device powered down, press and hold power, volume UP, and the home button. An update screen will appear for a few seconds, then it will launch recovery mode.
Note that some devices may take you directly to the recovery menu, but on some, this will take you to a screen with an Android and a triangle.

Another way to do this is to use Android Debug Utility which can be installed on PC.

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