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Wouldn't it be nice if you have all your email accounts on one Mail app. You can easily navigate through all your email accounts. And this will save your time from going to browser and logging in your accounts every time you want to check emails. 

Well, the Mail app on Windows 10 has made this possible and it is very easy to operate. You can add your Gmail account, Yahoo accounts, Outlook accounts, iCloud accounts and any other Mail services account.  You can also add Multiple accounts from the same Mail services providers for example you can add multiple Gmail and Yahoo accounts.

And it has a lot of features you can ever imagine. However, this article is just a simple guide on how to add your Email accounts to Mail App on Windows 10

So make sure you follow the below steps.

1. Launch the Windows 10 Mail App from Start Menu

2. Now click on the Settings icon located at the bottom-left of the page.

Then a bar will appear by the right side

3. Now click on "Manage Accounts"

4. Then click on "Add Accounts"

Then a box will pop up listing all available Mail services you can add.

5. Then Select the one you want to add. You select either Gmail or Yahoo and so on.

Then you will taken to a place whereby you will enter your email accounts information i.e you will log in your email acounts.

Then afterwards, your email accounts will be added to the list of added emails account

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