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Internet browsers are something that most of us use every single day of most of our lives; they provide an entry to all the useful, weird, wonderful and techy stuff that the web has to offer.

Given the range at which we interact with them, it may be tempting to think you’re a browser-using master. To say the truth, very few of us are. And there are always more tips, more tricks, and more ways that you can improve your browsing skills on the internet.

In this article, we take a look at ten cool browser tricks that’ll help you use the Internet like pro.

1. Restoring a closed tab

Some useful tabs can be closed by accident. It' very annoying, especially if don't know the name of the site or even the link to the site. In the past, you’d have to navigate to your browser’s history and reload it from there, but most browsers at least now offer a “Recently Closed Tabs” list when you right-click the tab. 

There is no need of going through that long process before restoring a closed tab. Just press Ctrl + Shift + T and the tab will automatically reappear. You can press the shortcut multiple times to open a succession of your closed tabs.

2. Loading “Dead” Webpages

You may have once experienced a situation where one of your favorite sites has gone offline or disabled. This can happen for any number of reasons – perhaps the domain was not renewed or the company went into administration or domain has expired.

If you have ever experience, you can just paste the web page link into archive.org. The usually have the old cached versions of sites available on the Internet.

3. Highlighting the current site's URL

Using keyboard shortcuts can be usually faster and easier than using a mouse. Most of us know the shortcuts for cut, copy, and paste. This is another great shortcuts to add to your skills.

Just press Ctrl + L to quickly select and highlight the current site’s URL. It's very useful when sharing links or copying them into a new tab.

4. Clearing old Cache

“Cache” can be many things in computing. Cache in Internet terms is the temporary storage of web pages and images. Cache helps to reduce bandwidth usage, server load, and lag. Sites can be loaded from the cache as long as certain conditions are met.

Sometimes, cache can get corrupted or may not function well. If you are experiencing, you can easily delete the cache and reload the proper version of the page by pressing Ctrl + Shift + R.

5. Cycling Between Tabs

Did you know that browsers have a function for cycling between your open tabs? ALT + Tab is used for flicking between the various programs that are currently open in windows. So also Ctrl + Tab will move you one tab to the right, while Ctrl + Shift + Tab will move you one tab to the left.

Also on Chrome and Firefox you can also use Ctrl + 1-8 to jump straight to a tab, with the number used corresponding to the order of tabs on the top of your screen.

6.  Reddit Slideshow

Reddit is a largely popular online bulletin board, with subreddits dedicated to almost every topic available. If you’re browsing a picture-based subreddit such as Anime. You can easily add a P after the word Reddit in the URL, turning the address from this www.reddit.com/r/pics into this www.redditp.com/r/pics.

All the pictures in the subreddit will be shown in slideshow format. It even has settings that will allow you tweak the speed at which the pictures change.

7. Turning Text into a Web Address

If you enter plain text into your browser’s search box and hit Enter. The plain text will be presented with a list of search results from your search provider of your choice. If you are of the URL of the site you want to visit, you can save yourself a few keystrokes by pressing Ctrl + Enter.  It will automatically wrap your entered text with a www. and a .com.

8. Turning Your Browser into a Notepad

You urgently need a note to jot something? This will come in handy.

Just enter the below code into the search box:

data:text/html, <html contenteditable>

You can save this code as a bookmark and you’ll be able to use your browser’s window as an on-the-fly notepad.

Note: You cannot save your notes, so don’t mistakenly close the window before you’ve copied your text to a more secure place.

The only way to save it is to save it as html or webpage document by pressing Ctrl + S

9. Turning your browser to calculator

You might really need calculator to calculate while on the internet. Save yourself the time of going to start menu and looking calculator.

You can easily type what you want to calculate in the search box. Then you will be presented with the correct answer in the drop down menu


2 + 2 
= 4

See the below screenshot

10. Reversing Image Search

Maybe you saved a cool image somewhere on your computer, but you can’t remember the sites or the url you got it from.

If you are in this situation, try out Google’s reverse image search. Just go to images.google.com. Then click the camera icon in the search bar.

Then you can either upload the image or drag and drop the image from your computer on to the search box. You can also search the name of the image.

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