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What is White Box Testing Method?

White-box testing is the thorough examination of interior logic and organization of the code. With the aim of conducting white-box testing on an application, a tester needs to know the interior mechanism of the code. 
White-box testing can also be known as glass testing or open-box testing. 

The tester needs to examine the source code and find out which unit or portion of the code is behaving improperly.


1. It helps in achieving the maximum efficiency of the code.

2. According to the tester's understanding about the code, maximum coverage is achieved during test scenario writing.

3. Extra lines of code can be removed which can bring in hidden faults.

4. As the tester has understanding of the source code, it becomes very simple to find out which type of data can aid in testing the application efficiently.


1. It is very complicated to continue white-box testing, as it requires specialized tools like code analyzers and debugging tools.

2. As a result of the fact that a skilled tester is required to carry out white-box testing, the costs are increased.

3. At times it is not possible to look into every nook and corner and find out unknown errors that may create problems or errors, as many paths will go untested.

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