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What is Unit Testing?

Unit testing is a type of testing which is conducted by developers before the setup is handed over to the testing team to officially perform the test cases. The developers use test data that is dissimilar from the test data of the quality assurance team. 
Unit testing is conducted by the respective developers on the individual units of source code assigned areas. 

The aim of unit testing is to: separate each part of the program and show that individual parts are accurate in terms of requirements and functionality.

Limitations of Unit Testing

Testing cannot discover each and every bug or error in an application. It is impossible to evaluate every execution path in every software application. It is similar in the case of unit testing.

There is a limit to the number of scenarios and test data that a developer can use to confirm a source code. After having exhausted all the options, there is no alternative but to stop unit testing and combine the code segment with other units.

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