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What is Traceability Matrix?

Traceability Matrix also recognized as Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM) is a table that is often used to trace the requirements for the period of the Software Development Life Cycle. . 

Features of Traceability Matrix 

1. It can be used for forward tracing (that is from Requirements to Design or Coding) or backward (that is from Coding to Requirements)
2. Every requirement in the RTM document is linked with its related test case so that testing can be conducted as per the noted requirements.
3. Bug ID is also added and linked with its related requirements and test case.

Objectives for Traceability Matrix :
1. Make sure the software is developed as stated by the noted requirements.

2. Aids in discovering the root cause of any bug.

3. Helps in tracing the developed documents during different phases of SDLC.

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