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What is Timestamp-based Protocol in DBMS?

Timestamp-based protocol uses either system time or logical counter as a timestamp. 

1. The most universally used concurrency protocol is the timestamp based protocol. 

2. It manages the order between the conflicting pairs among transactions at the time of execution, while timestamp-based protocols start working as soon as a transaction is generated.

3. Every transaction has a timestamp connected with it, and the ordering is determined by the age of the transaction. 

4. Every data item is given the latest read and write-timestamp. This lets the system know when the last ‘read and write’ operation was performed on the data item.

What is Timestamp Ordering Protocol?

Timestamp-ordering protocols guarantee serializability among transactions in their conflicting read and write operations. It is the responsibility of the protocol system that the conflicting pair of tasks should be performed according to the timestamp values of the transactions.

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