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What is Success (2xx) Response?

Success responses are responses that are meant for showing that a request has been accepted. Success response includes the following responses:

1. 200 OK

a. 200 OK is used to acknowledge a session invitation.

b. It shows a successful completion or receipt of a request.

2. 202 Accepted

a. 202 Accepted shows that the UAS has received and understood the request, but that the request may not have been allowed or processed by the server.

b. It is normally used in responses to SUBSCRIBE, REFER methods.

What is Redirection (3xx) Response?

Redirection response is generally class of responses which are sent by redirect servers in response to INVITE. They are also known as redirect class responses. Redirection response includes the following responses:

1. 300 Multiple Choices

a. It includes multiple Contact header fields to show that the location service has returned multiple possible locations for the SIP URI in the Request-URI.

2. 301 Moved Permanently

a. This redirection response includes a Contact header field with the new permanent URI of the called party.

b. The address can be saved and used in future INVITE requests.

3. 302 Moved Temporarily

a. This redirection response includes a URI that is presently valid but not permanent.

b. That is, the location is valid for the duration of the time specified.

4. 305 Use Proxy

a. This response includes a URI that points to a proxy server having reliable information about the calling party.

b. This response could be sent by a UAS issuing a proxy for incoming call screening.

5. 380 Alternative Service

a. This response returns a URI that shows the type of service the called party would like.

b. For example, a call could be redirected to a voicemail server.

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