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What is Relational Data Model?

Relational data model is described as the primary data model, which is used broadly around the world for data storage and processing. 

Structure of Relational Data Model

1. Tables: Tables houses, stores or saves relations 
among entities. A table has rows and columns, where rows represent records and columns represent the attributes.

2. Tuple: Tuple is a single row of a table which holds a single record for that relation.

3. Relation instance: This is represented by a finite collection of tuples in the relational database system. It does not have duplicate tuples.

4. Relation schema: A relation schema defines the relation name (table name), attributes, and their names.

5. Relation key: Each row has one or more attributes, known as relation key, which can identify the row in the relation (table) uniquely.

6. Attribute domain: Every attribute has some predefined value scope, known as attribute domain.

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