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What is Registrar Server in SIP?

The registrar server collects registration requests from user agents. It helps users to verify themselves within the network. It stores the URI and the location of users in a database to help other SIP servers within the same domain.

Basic Call Follow in SIP

1. An INVITE request that is sent to a proxy server is in charge for starting a session.

2. The proxy server sends a 100 Trying response instantly to the caller (Alice) to stop the re-transmissions of the INVITE request.

3. The proxy server searches the address of Bob in the location server. After getting the address, it sends the INVITE request further.

4. Thereafter, 180 Ringing (Provisional responses) generated by Bob is reverted back to Alice.

5. A 200 OK response is generated soon after Bob picks the phone up.

6. Bob receives an ACK from the Alice, once it gets 200 OK.

7. Simultaneously, the session gets established and RTP packets (conversations) start flowing from both ends.

8. After the conversation, any participant (Alice or Bob) can send a BYE request to terminate the session.

9. BYE reaches directly from Alice to Bob bypassing the proxy server.

10. Lastly Bob sends a 200 OK response to verify the BYE and the session is terminated.

(reference:Tutorials Point).

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