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What is Record – Route Header Field in SIP?

The Record-Route header field is used to force routing via a proxy for all successive requests in a session (dialog) between two UAs.

Generally, the presence of a Contact header field allows UAs to send messages directly bypassing the proxy chain used in the early request.

1. A proxy inserting its address into a Record-Route header field overrides this and forces future requests to include a Route header field containing the address of the proxy that forces this proxy to be included.

2. A proxy wishing to implement this inserts the header field containing its own URI, or adds its URI to an already present Record-Route header field.

3. The URI is constructed so that the URI resolves back to the proxy server. The UAS copies the Record-Route header field into the 200 OK responses to the request.

4. The header field is forwarded unchanged by proxies back to the UAC. The UAC then stores the Record-Route proxy list plus a Contact header field if present in the200 OK for use in a Route header field in all subsequent requests.

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