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What is Global Error (6xx) Response?
This response shows that the server knows that the request will be unsuccessful wherever it is tried. As a result, the request should not be sent to other locations.

Only a server having definitive knowledge of the user known by the Request-URI in every possible instance should send a global error class response. Otherwise, a client error class response should be sent.

A Retry-After header field can be used to show when the request might be successful. Some of the important responses are discussed below:

1. 600 Busy Everywhere

a. This response shows that the call to the specified Request-URI could be answered in other locations.

2. 603 Decline

a. This response could show the called party is busy, or simply does not want to accept the call.

3. 604 Does Not Exist Anywhere

1. This response is similar to the 404 Not Found responses but shows that the user in the Request-URI cannot be found anywhere.

2. This response should only be sent by a server having access to all the information about the user.

4. 606 Not Acceptable

1. This response shows that some aspect of the desired session is not suitable to the UAS, and as a result, the session cannot be established.

2. The response may have a Warning header field with a numerical code describing exactly what was not good enough.

3. The request can be retried or resent with different media session information.

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