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What is Customer Service?

Customer service can be defined as a means of providing quality and value product or service that satisfies the needs and wants of customers
 in order to keep them coming back. 

Good customer service produces:

1. continued success,

2. increased profits,

3. higher job satisfaction,

4. improved company,

5. improved organization morale,

6. better teamwork,

7. and market expansion of services/products.

The Professional Qualities in Customer Service?
Professionals who frequently deal with customers (inside and outside the company) need to endeavor for certain qualities to assist them answer customer needs:

1. Friendliness:  The service provider must be friendly, polite and sociable.

2. Empathy: The customer needs to know that the service provider appreciates their wants and circumstances.

3. Fairness: The customer wants to feel they receive adequate attention and reasonable answers.

4. Control – The customer wants to feel his or her wants and input has influence on the outcome.

5. Information: Customers need information about products and services but in a pertinent and time-sensitive manner.

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