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What is Black-Box Testing Method?

Black-Box testing is a method of testing software without having any knowledge about the interior workings of the application. In conducting a black-box test, a tester will interact with the system's user interface by providing inputs and analyzing outputs without full knowledge on how and where the inputs are worked upon. 
The tester is unaware to the system architecture and does not have license to access the source code. 


1. Code access is not necessary.

2. Well suited and well-organized for large code segments.

3. Clearly divides user's point of view from the developer's point of view through visibly definite roles.

4. Large numbers of reasonably skilled testers can test the application with no familiarity of execution, programming language, or operating systems.

1. Limited coverage, since only a selected number of test scenarios are truly conducted.

2. The test cases are complicated to design.

3. Blind coverage, since the tester cannot aim precise code segments or error-prone areas.

4. Inefficient testing, due to the detail that the tester only has limited understanding about an application.

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