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What is User Agent Network Elements in SIP?

User Agent is the endpoint and one of the most essential network elements of a SIP network. An endpoint can initiate, modify, or terminate a session. User agents are the most intellectual device or network element of a SIP network. It could be a computer, a mobile, or a laptop.

User agents are logically divided into two parts:

1. User Agent Client (UAC): This entity sends a request and receives a response.

2. User Agent Server (UAS): This entity receives a request and sends a response.


What is Proxy Server Network Elements in SIP?

Proxy server is the network element that demands a request from a user agent and forwards it to another user.

1. Fundamentally the role of a proxy server is much like a router.

2. Proxy server has some intelligence to comprehend a SIP request and send it ahead with the help of URI.

3. A proxy server stands in between two user agents.

4. There can be a maximum of 70 proxy servers in between a source and a destination.

Below are two types of proxy servers:

1. Stateless Proxy Server: This forwards the message received. This type of server does not store any information of a call or a transaction.

2. Stateful Proxy Server: This type of proxy server saves every request and response information received and can use it in future if required. It can retransmit the request, if there is no response from the other side in time.

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