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The Information Technology Environment facilitates advancement in organizational performance no doubt.

The mission for information systems organisation is to improve the performance of people in organisation through the use of information technology.

The ultimate objective of I.T is performance improvement – a goal based on outcomes and results rather than a go through – the – step process goal.

Improving organisational performance is accomplished by the people and groups that are I.T equipped in an organisation.

The IT evolutions is described in the four traditional areas:

1. Hardware, 

2. Software, 

3. Data, 

4. Communication.

Technology is getting wide day by day, the applications are becoming more sophisticated, and users are participating more heavily in the development of applications. 

The end result is that management of these advancement process is getting more complex as it is becoming more important to do well.

List of some rapidly growing technology that has improved performance in organizations:
· Handheld wireless devices
· The internet
· Wireless and fiber-based networks
· Multimedia integrating voice, image, text, graphics etc.
· Integration of consumer electronics and IT.

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