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Solving the Customer’s Problems
When you listen to the customer’s complaint you take the duty to solve the problem.

• Listen without interruption or disturbance and be attentive.

• Behave without hostility, and without arguing.

• Do not extend excuses for the problem, and thank the customer for drawing their attention to it and helping solve it.

• Express sympathy and full understanding.

Customer service problem solving includes:

• Ask necessary questions to get more complete information and completed picture of a situation

• Find out precisely what the customer needs you to do for them

• Explain first what you can do, and then lightly add what you cannot do

• Discuss in detail all opinions, and then decide what needs to be done

• Undertake immediately what was discussed

• Check the result to make sure the customer is totally satisfied.

Some Customer Service Traits/Behavior to Imitate

• Be on time, open on time, deliver on time

• Follow through and deliver your promises

• Go the extra kilometer for customers

• Offer you customer options

• Express empathy to upset customers

• Treat customers as the MOST important part of your job

• Treat co-workers as if they are customers

• Give customers your name and contact details

• Feel free and be free with your customers

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