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This simply means Advertisement via the Internet. 

Social Media : Internet and mobile technologies for interactive social networking. 

SEO: Search engine optimization is a ranking technique used site to get more traffic from search engines like Google, Bing, Microsoft, Yahoo etc. 

Content Marketing: Content marketing is a technique used to attract customers by consistently creating relevant content (information) with the intention of engaging targeted audience to traffic.

Paid Advertising: Paid Advertising is modern, it is directly paying advertising companies like Google, Yahoo etc, to show ads on their heavy trafficked pages with the use of banner/text/rich media ad formats billed in three ways - CPM (Cost for Thousand) , CPL (Cost per lead) and CPC (Cost per Click). 

CPM: The advertiser is billed for each 1000 ad views at an agreed rate per 1000 impression. 

CPC: The advertiser is billed for every single click at an agreed rate per click. 

Cost Per Lead: CPL is very new, The advertiser is billed for a successful sign up from an interested user.

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