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SD cards are small cards used for various small electronic devices to extend the memory of the device. Almost all the SD cards must be formatted using the FAT file system in order to be compatible withe electronic devices. You may also need to format it to NTFS system, which is a new file system used by windows. So in this article, I explained how you can format a SD card to NTFS file system.

1. Computer
2. SD Card Reader
3. SD Card

1. Insert your card reader in the available USB port. Click on start menu on windows, then navigate to Computer

2. You should have seen your SD Card. Then right click on it

3. Then click on format and a new window will pop up

4. Now click on the "File system" dropdown menu, then select NTFS.

5. Format it by clicking on the start button.

6. Then click on OK to finish it.

Note: This process can also be used to format external drive to NTFS on Windows 10. You can also use this to format your external drive to exFat. All you have to do is to change the NTFS file system to exFat.

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