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 iMessage is the official SMS messaging app that replaces the normal SMS service on iPhone devices. There are some disadvantage when using iMessage. In order to make use of iMessage, you must have a steady internet connectivity which is not too good because one may not have access to the internet often.

iPhone users have been complaining about unsent and unreceived message due to internet connectivity problems. The best way to solve this issue is to turn off iMessage and revert back to the defaults SMS service. In this article, I will explain how you can easily turn off iMessage service.

1. From home menu, tap on Settings icon.

2. Then scroll down to the bottom until you see the Messages settings options and then tap on it

3. Then tap on the green round button beside the iMessage in order to turn it off. The green button shows that it is enabled. 

4. Once you disable it, the green button will change to grey button. An example is the screenshot below.

5. Once you have followed the above steps you are done.

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