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Phone contacts are a central part of our phones; without them, we’d be stuck memorizing dozens of numbers. Thus, it’s a huge problem when you lose your contacts if you upgrade to a new phone or lose yours. Google make it easier for android users which you can easily backup your phone contacts easily. It will be very stressful for you to copy or move all your old phone contacts to the new android. The best way to make it faster and less stressful is to follow the instructions which will be provided in order to copy all contacts from old phone to the new phone easily. Follow the steps below

1. SD Card


1. Insert the SD card inside the old android phone you want to copy the contacts from.

2. Tap on the contacts app, then tap on the Option menu button to bring out option menu.

3. Then tap on "Import/Export" options. Example is screenshot below.

4. Then tap on "Export to SD Card" to save the file as .vcf extension.

5. Remove the SD card from the old phone and insert it in the new phone

6. Then navigate to the new android phone folders or files. You can tap on files on menu.

7. Then tap on external sd and scroll all the way down

8. Then tap and hold any file with the ".vcf" extension in order to bring out options menu. 

9. Then tap on "Copy" to copy it.

10. Then tap on "Paste Here" button in order to paste it inside the folder.

11. After following all the above mentioned steps, then you can go and check your phone contacts. You can then see the copied contacts from the old phone. 

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