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Wouldn't it be nice if you have some computer features on you android devices. For you to be able to redo, undo, find and replace words on your android phone. This features are mostly built for computer users which is quite interesting. Android OS has evolved and upgraded a lot but still lacks some interesting in-built features like redo, undo, find and replace functions. But now everything has been solved now, thanks to the new app that makes those features possible and brought them to android. It's called Inputting+ and it does what it’s supposed to do very effectively. In this article, I will explain how to add undo, redo, find and replace features on android with use of this app called Inputting+. I will also explain how you can use it. 

Inputting Plus

How It Works?
After installing Inputting+, you must make sure you allow it accessibility permission. Granting permission is essential as Android OS restricts an app to draw over another app unless permission to do so is given. And it needs this permission so that it’s available on every screen for easy access whenever required. You can get the app on Google Play.

You can access this features in the notification panel or from an on-screen floating bubble. If you select the bubble you can customize its size, color, and transparency.

The bubble will always pop-up when ever you open a text field on your screen.It keeps a copy or records of everything you wrote or edit. So even if you delete the text, a copy of it is always kept safely in that floating blue bubble. And everything is running on background, so it wont give a problem while using phone.

How To Undo/Redo?
To perform the undo/redo function tap on the floating button and you’ll see your recently typed text there. It saves only major changes so you might need to tap a bit to find the correct text. Another cool thing is that it works across apps, so something you wrote in Evernote could then used in WhatsApp.

How To Find/Replace?
Another function of Inputting+ is Find and Replace. You can find or replace certain words in the text you are editing. By tapping the bubble, then type the text you want to find and then replace it with the new text. Like screenshot below.

Get The App Here 

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