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How does a proxy help to connect one user with another?
The below steps by step processes explains and illustrate how a proxy help to connect with another. The process takes place as follows;

1. Once a caller initiates a call, an INVITE message is been sent to the proxy server. After receiving the INVITE, the proxy server attempts to resolve the address of the callee with the help of the DNS server.

2. After getting the next route, caller’s proxy server (Proxy 1, known as outbound proxy server) sends the INVITE request to the callee’s proxy server which acts as an inbound proxy server (Proxy 2) for the callee.

3. The inbound proxy server contacts the location server to get information about the callee’s address where the user registered.

4. After getting information from the location server, it sends the call to its target destination.

5. When the user agents discover their address, they can bypass the call that is conversations pass directly.

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