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How B2BUA Works in SIP?

B2BUA agent works between two endpoints of a phone call and separates the communication channel into two call legs. The B2BUA agent acts between all SIPs signaling between both ends of the call, from call establishment to termination. For each call, all the control messages flow via the B2BUA, therefore a service provider may integrate value-added features available or offered during the call.

In the originating call leg, the B2BUA acts as a user agent server (UAS) and operates on the request as a user agent client (UAC) to the destination end, managing the signaling between end points back-to-back.

B2BUA preserves the absolute state for the calls it manages. Each side of a B2BUA works as a standard SIP network element as specified in RFC 3261. B2BUA alters the end-to-end nature of SIP.

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