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Verification and Validation are interchangeably used by those that seem to be confused of these two terms. The below aspects conveys the differences between validation and verification:

1. Verification deals with the concern: "Are you building it right?" while Validation deals with the concern: "Are you building the right thing?"

2. Verification makes sure that the software system satisfies all the functionality and features while Validation assures that the functionalities and characteristics satisfy the intended actions.

3. Verification takes place first and includes the inspection of documentation, code, etc while Validation occurs after verification and primarily involves the examination of the overall product.

4. Verification is conducted by developers while 

Validation is conducted by testers.

5. Verification has stationary activities, as it has collecting reviews, walkthroughs, and inspections to confirm a software while Validation has dynamic activities, as it includes execution of the software against the necessities.

6. Verification is an objective process and no subjective conclusion should be required to confirm a software while Validation is a subjective process and requires objective conclusions on how well a software operates.

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