What is WML?

The topmost layer in the WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) architecture is made up of WAE (Wireless Application Environment), which consists of WML and WML scripting language.
  • WML stands for Wireless Markup Language
  • WML is an application of XML, which is defined in a document-type definition.
  • WML is based on HDML and is modified so that it can be compared with HTML.
  • WML takes care of the small screen and the low bandwidth of transmission.
  • WML is the markup language defined in the WAP specification.
  • WAP sites are written in WML, while web sites are written in HTML.
  • WML is very similar to HTML. Both of them use tags and are written in plain text format.
  • WML files have the extension “.wml”. The MIME type of WML is “text/vnd.wap.wml”.
  • WML supports client-side scripting. The scripting language supported is called WMLScript.

WML Versions:

WAP Forum has released a latest version WAP 2.0. The markup language defined in WAP 2.0 is XHTML Mobile Profile (MP). The WML MP is a subset of the XHTML. A style sheet called WCSS (WAP CSS) has been introduced alongwith XHTML MP. The WCSS is a subset of the CSS2.
Most of the new mobile phone models released are WAP 2.0-enabled. Because WAP 2.0 is backward compatible to WAP 1.x, WAP 2.0-enabled mobile devices can display both XHTML MP and WML documents.
WML 1.x is an earlier technology. However, that does not mean it is of no use, since a lot of wireless devices that only supports WML 1.x are still being used. Latest version of WML is 2.0 and it is created for backward compatibility purposes. So WAP site developers need not to worry about WML 2.0.
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