Watch Scientists Make These Microbots Move With A Magnetic Force Field

Magnetic Field

Like Jedi Knights, researchers at Purdue University are using the force — force fields, that is. The team of scientists has discovered a way to control tiny robots with the help of individual magnetic fields, which, in turn, might help us one day learn how to control entire groups of microbots and nanobots in areas like medicine or even manufacturing.

While the idea of controlling microbots might be simple, it’s a deceptively complicated goal, especially if the bots in question are conceivably too small to realistically accommodate a tiny enough battery to power them. This is where the magnetic force fields come into play: they can generate enough energy and charge to move the microbots about — “like using mini force fields.” 

To conduct their experiment, the researchers arranged minuscule planar coils in a grid formation to create the magnetic fields they would use. After that, they took their microbots — in this case, disc-shaped magnets only twice the size of a pinhead — and manipulated them using the “attractive or repulsive forces” enacted, depending on which magnetic pole was used.

So, why the tiny bots in the first place? The advent of nanotechnology could be huge in the field of medicine: for instance, instead of invasive surgery on a cancer patient, nanobots would be able to navigate the human body, locate the tumor and perform a minuscule biopsy so that scientists could determine whether a mass is malignant or benign. 

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