The phrase unique content is continuously buzzing around the internet. Everyone has heard that unique and original content is the key to any successful web site, but not everyone understands just how powerful original articles are when it comes to the amount of traffic your website receives and how well it ranks in the search engines. Publishing unique content can even increase your profits!

What is Unique Content?
To enjoy all the benefits original content can bring, it is important to understand just what it is. Many individuals use PLR articles for their websites. While private label rights content may be original, these articles are owned by hundreds of different people. Even after a quality rewrite, PLR articles can still be considered duplicate content by many search engines and may drastically reduce rankings.

Save your PLR content for article marketing campaigns and concentrate on truly unique, original writing for your website. Unique content is fresh content that brings a new and interesting perspective to the reader. While the topic may be a subject discussed for centuries, an original and unique article will still manage to pique interest from the reader because it brings a new outlook with fresh information, facts, and opinions.

The Benefits of Unique Content

1. Quality, original articles that contain useful and interesting information build your credibility with visitors, creating trust and expanding your reader base.
2. Fresh, unique content is also interesting to other websites. These incoming links will boost your search rankings.
If your website is full of original articles you will avoid duplicate content penalties, also increasing rankings.
3. There are a number of websites that contain very similar content to one another. If your site offers unique, original writing, your site will stand apart from the others and will be visited more often.
4. Search engines (like Google and Yahoo) give original content a higher rank, meaning when a consumer types in keywords or phrases that you have targeted on your website – you benefit from the increased chances of becoming one of the first sites that consumers see.

When Duplicate Content is a Must
Sometimes there is no way to get around publishing duplicate content on your website. A product page for an online store is a perfect example of duplicate content that is necessary. These pages can still rank well in the search engines if you integrate a brief original article into the content. Just 200 to 300 words of search engine optimized unique content can place your product pages ahead of your competition.

Finding Unique Content for Your Site
There are a few options to consider if you’re searching for unique content and original writing for your site. The most inexpensive method is to write the content yourself. For many, this isn’t possible. Some may not be great writers while others simply can’t find the time to write.

There are several different article machines available that use a program, or script, to generate content that is said to be unique and original. While the content may indeed be different, a human writer can ensure content that is fun, easy to read, and designed to hold the readers’ attention. The best way to find original, unique content for your website is to hire the services of a copywriter specializing in web copy.

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