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How Humans Would Evolve

It may be the stuff folklore or fairy tales are made of, but is it plausible for humans to evolve into some kind of species of mer-people? What about turning into a species that have no teeth?

An expert says that theoretically, these are feasible.

It won't happen in the near future, but an evolutionary scientist predicted that mankind's next generation may possibly develop several characteristics such as webbed feet and translucent eyelids in order to adapt to changes in the environment like rising sea levels. That last part is indeed likely.

Rising Sea Levels Globally

A study led by the University of Florida and published last year had revealed that sea levels could rise by 20 feet and affect low-lying areas worldwide because of climate change.

"As the planet warms, the poles warm even faster," said Geochemist Andrea Dutton, who was part of the Florida study. Dutton added that this has raised important questions about how ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica would potentially respond.

Sea-level rise will not happen overnight, but Dutton said it does show that the polar ice sheets are sensitive to temperature abnormalities. For instance, the ice shelves in Antarctica are like a cork in a bottle that could cause ice to pour into the ocean if they continuously collapsed and melted.

While researchers say a catastrophic event involving the planet's oceans can happen, it probably wouldn't occur within a two-hundred-year timeframe.

Still, scientists can't help but think of what might happen in the future for humans when the ability to adapt to environmental changes could definitely spell the difference between the extinction and survival of our own species.

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