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Audi is venturing into a mission to the moon, working alongside Google Lunar XPRIZE participant Part-Time Scientists to develop a moon rover.

Called the Audi lunar quattro, the moon rover is made of high-strength aluminum and weighs 77.2 pounds. It will be shaving off some of that weight, however, as it continues development and integrates the use of magnesium. Some of its features include a swiveling solar panel and four wheels that can rotate 360 degrees, as well as two stereo cameras capable of 3D imagery. A third camera will be in place for studying materials and producing high-resolution panoramic photos.

The Audi lunar quattro is rated with a theoretical maximum speed of 2.2 mph, which doesn't sound at all impressive but when you're up on the moon, safe navigating abilities and off-road qualities will be of better use to you than speed.

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